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Wow what a busy Year
Christmas is coming!!!
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Manic at Funktionsonline HQ!
another amazing week!


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Chit Chat!!

Wow what a busy Year

What a manic year!  A lot of you will know that this has been one of my busiest years yet with stationery and I am so pleased!  So much so that I am expanding my range and branching out to new things!  I have always enjoyed my creating but stationery has bought out a real passion that I thoroughly enjoy. 
I have made a lot of changes to the business this year, not that many of you would notice as its all behind the scenes, we have moved for a start! Which believe me with two children, one in the middle of GCSE's is not great for anyone, lol!

Manic at Funktionsonline HQ!

Honestly, I have been manic at Funktions Online HQ!  Our stationery orders are coming in thick and fast and I'm not complaining.  I love that all of my Brides and Grooms have their own ideas and that they inspire me to create something different yet again.

Here are just a few of the invitations that have been made this year, there have been so many and I don't have a free week until the end of April so thats fabulous! I need time to fit in all the 'on the day stationery' for the Spring and Summer weddings!

another amazing week!

What an amazing week, two more clients booked stationery, I have delivered invitations out to another one of my lovely Brides and Grooms and they loved them and today I got an order for 4 bouquets, 2 flower girl wands and button holes, plus they are hiring my amazing LED trees for their centre pieces! amazing!  What a productive week! yay!  How are your plans going???!!!

Well it has been a while

I cannot believe that it has been so long, I have been so busy this year with chair covers and the stationery has grown from strength to strength, I never dreamed that I would have as much interest, orders and great feedback that I am getting! Of course I love what I do and my designs but its so nice to now be receiving the thank you cards and the beautiful emails that I am getting! Lucky me x 

Now its back to keeping up with the website and finishing the last few stationery jobs that I have before Christmas (which I am very excited about and already sneaking some christmas decorations in to the house!

Its been too long!!!

I cannot actually believe that it has been so long since I last wrote my blog, it just goes to show how busy I have been!!  We have had a record year this year and with 2 family weddings too I really have been busy.  The stationery is a hit and reviews are amazing so very happy!  I have had wedding stationery going out to the Canary Islands and to the North of England too.  I have decided that next year I will limit the amount of stationery orders I take just a little more as I put my heart and sole in to them and setting them up on the day too means that time is limited, especially when most of the summer I am doing around 2-3 weddings a day.  I mustn't complain though, all is good at the funktions headquarters and I hope that you have been keeping up to date by following us on Facebook!! Happy Planning everyone! x x x

What a busy May so far!!

Write your post here.what an amazing may so far! I literally have not stopped! This is my fave wedding so far this month with Frosini and Adam at Boreham House. I loved every minute if the planning with Frosini and her mum Maria and I had some beautiful emails and Facebook messages from them both! 
For the table plan and table numbers we went for a smaller version of the brooches that Frosini and Adam had on their wedding invitations. The favour boxes complimented perfectly and with place names attached they finished the table settings perfectly!

Boreham House

Beautiful wedding at Boreham House on Friday!!!  The venue looked stunning with white chair covers and cappucino bow and silver candelabras on the tables.  Congrats guys!!

Open day at Vaulty Manor

Well, what a day it was yesterday at www.vaultymanor.co.uk January Open day!!! 9 new clients, so pleased!  Everyone is so happy that comes along to the open days, big smiles getting everything organised under one roof, I CANNOT wait to get to Boreham House and do their open day on Sunday 20th January!! Cant wait!!  If anyone wants to see anything in particular at the boreham house open day then please just ask and I will take it along, oh this is going to be a great year! Happy 2013 beautiful people! x

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Happy 2013!!!  Back to work now with lots of new orders for chair covers and stationery, I am so thrilled that the stationery has taken off so quickly with some new beautiful designs happening, I cant wait to start updating the website over the next week or so, might even go for a whole new look this year! 
The New Year diet has begun for me, hoping that the miracle of callanetics is going to continue its magic and I can drop a dress size by the end of the month, fingers crossed for me!

Its been a while

Its been way too long I know but work has been hectic, I have had a huge response to my stationary and I am thrilled!  The work has started going out now too so I am actually seeing the finished styling with chair covers and stationary together and it looks amazing, there are such huge benefits to having stationary and chair covers done by the same company! It means that everything matches exactly!
I had a lovely call From Colleen who got married this month at Boreham House and I did her stationary and chair covers and it looks fantastic, she rang me the morning after her wedding saying that she loved everything and that I went 'way beyond what she had expected' which was beautiful so thank you Colleen, you made my day!
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