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Leslie's 40th Birthday at Boreham House - 02/02/13

Chair covers looked great at Boreham House on Saturday 2nd February 2013 for the brithday party of Leslie!  I got there a bit earlier than the centrepieces so dont have any pictures of the completed look unfortunately!!  The wedding and party season has well and truly started and I am busy busy busy!!! Two weddings this Saturday coming and two stationery orders to come to get out by Friday!!

Boreham House

Beautiful wedding at Boreham House on Friday!!!  The venue looked stunning with white chair covers and cappucino bow and silver candelabras on the tables.  Congrats guys!!

New look site

A new look for 2013, I have gone back to the original theme of Black, white & pink!! Hope you like it??

2013 has already been a busy year for me in the first three weeks!  I have had so many orders on stationery and table plans its great, I know that 2013 is going to be a brilliant year for me with lots of my own celebration stuff going on.  I am celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary so not just a special year for you Brides and Grooms!!

Also my lovely sister and brother in law are getting married (guess who's helping style that wedding!

Open day at Vaulty Manor

Well, what a day it was yesterday at www.vaultymanor.co.uk January Open day!!! 9 new clients, so pleased!  Everyone is so happy that comes along to the open days, big smiles getting everything organised under one roof, I CANNOT wait to get to Boreham House and do their open day on Sunday 20th January!! Cant wait!!  If anyone wants to see anything in particular at the boreham house open day then please just ask and I will take it along, oh this is going to be a great year! Happy 2013 beautiful people! x

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Happy 2013!!!  Back to work now with lots of new orders for chair covers and stationery, I am so thrilled that the stationery has taken off so quickly with some new beautiful designs happening, I cant wait to start updating the website over the next week or so, might even go for a whole new look this year! 
The New Year diet has begun for me, hoping that the miracle of callanetics is going to continue its magic and I can drop a dress size by the end of the month, fingers crossed for me!

Its been a while

Its been way too long I know but work has been hectic, I have had a huge response to my stationary and I am thrilled!  The work has started going out now too so I am actually seeing the finished styling with chair covers and stationary together and it looks amazing, there are such huge benefits to having stationary and chair covers done by the same company! It means that everything matches exactly!
I had a lovely call From Colleen who got married this month at Boreham House and I did her stationary and chair covers and it looks fantastic, she rang me the morning after her wedding saying that she loved everything and that I went 'way beyond what she had expected' which was beautiful so thank you Colleen, you made my day!

lots of new designs

What a week!  Well, actually what a month! I have had a fabulous October, busy with chair covers and new stationary orders coming in for lots of May weddings!  Some great new designs which I am going to load onto the site in the next few days (just as soon as I can find that lead that goes from the camera to the computer!!).  I have really enjoyed putting new themes together for people and being able to do the chair covers and the stationary for my Brides and Grooms is great because it means that everything is exactly the same colour on the wedding day!

more brides and grooms are choosing Funktions Online to do their wedding!

I am enjoying having the time to spend to meet with new Brides and Grooms that are getting married in Essex and want wedding invitations and stationary, chair covers and centre pieces. I have had some amazing ideas given to me by my clients over the years and the longer I do this the more I realise that everyone wants something different and thank fully that is what I love doing!!!  
Whether it be my vintage travel theme, casino theme or my beautiful autumn tree theme which I LOVE or even something different, football, rugby, cricket!  I love it all! x Contact me if you have a theme, if you want something different and you dont want to spend a fortune! x 

my stand at the Heart FM wedding show last weekend!

I was really pleased with the way that my stand looked at the Heart FM wedding show at the Brentwood Centre on Saturday and Sunday and the response was amazing!  Of course I love what I do and I like everything that I make but thats not good enough if I want it to continue being my career. I am forever trying to think outside the box to give people something different.  Everyone can have a table plan and place names the same as the ones they saw at the last wedding but you wont get that with me!

wedding show!!

What an amazing day, what an amazing weekend!!  Thank you to all my Brides and Grooms already booked that came to support me, thank you to my best friend for helping me out and thank you to everyone that said such lovely things about my stand and all my work, I have loved every moment of it and cant wait to get working on new ideas for Brides and Grooms!!
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